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Sevierville offers affordable and free activities for those who want to experience the beauty and culture of Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains on a budget. You can try local food, explore discounted shops, and enjoy the outdoors without spending much if any money at all. Let’s look at some of the best free things to do in Sevierville, TN.

free samples in Sevierville, TN

Free Samples

In the heart of Sevierville, you can explore and enjoy the region’s delicious food and fascinating history for practically nothing. These experiences are just some of the affordable activities available in Sevierville, TN.

You can visit the BUSH’S® Visitor Center in Dandridge to learn about America’s favorite beans. The center is in the original 1897 A.J. Bush & Company general store. It has a classic general store, a museum, and a café. The café, known as the Family Cafe, serves the “No. 1 Baked Beans in the World.” They offer a sample of a different bean each day with your meal, so you can taste the flavors that made BUSH’S® Beans famous. While you’re there, look for Duke, the famous BUSH’S® Beans dog!

Just a short drive away is Tennessee Legend Distillery. They also offer free tastings of their popular products like White Lightning and Salted Caramel Whiskey. You can experience the craftsmanship and flavor that makes this local brand special. Tennessee Legend Distillery also has a gift shop selling unique souvenirs.

Sevierville Greenway

Picnic at the Sevierville Greenway

For a relaxed afternoon, pack a picnic and head to the Sevierville Greenway. But before you go, stop by Steak ‘n Shake and grab their signature dish, the Steakburger! It’s the perfect take-out meal for your picnic. Don’t forget to download their app for a free milkshake—a delicious start to your picnic! The Greenway is perfect for outdoor dining, with 10 miles of pathways, plenty of picnic areas, and free parking. It’s a delicious addition to your list of free things to do in Sevierville, TN.

fishing tackles at Sevier County Park

Fishing at Sevier County Park

Go to Sevier County Park for a calm day of fishing. This scenic place is good for people who just want to relax and catch local trout and bass. The park is a quiet spot for newcomers to fishing and expert anglers alike. Sevier County Park has beautiful views that make it a great place for a family trip or some peaceful time alone.

Tanger Outlets

Window Shopping

Shopping may not be free, but it can be cheap. Window shopping in Sevierville is a great way to discover new boutiques and unique shops, offering everything from local crafts to designer items. A relaxing way to spend an afternoon, window shopping allows you to spend as much or as little as you want.

Tanger Outlets

Tanger Outlets makes window shopping an adventure with its dozens of discounted stores. The mall has top fashion brands, sports equipment, food, and gadgets. You can see the latest athletic gear at Nike and Adidas, find delicious treats at The Fudgery, or check out the newest tools at Direct Tools. Boasting tremendous discounts on regular retail store prices, Tanger Outlets is a must when you’re on the hunt for cheap things to do in Sevierville, TN.

Smoky Mountain Relic Room

If you love history, you have to visit the Smoky Mountain Relic Room, located inside Smoky Mountain KnifeWorks. It’s a free journey through time where you can explore lots of historical artifacts and relics. The collection has items from different eras and cultures, giving you a fascinating glimpse into history. It’s a great experience for anyone interested in history and archaeology.

Lodge Manufacturing Co.

Come and explore the Lodge Cast Iron Factory Store location in Sevierville. It’s a special place where cooking meets art, designed especially for people who love to cook and camp. Picture rows of classic cast iron skillets and unique items like the Aebleskiver Pan and the Camp Dutch Oven. They have a wide range of cookware to choose from, including vibrant enameled cast iron Dutch ovens and professional-grade carbon steel pans.

Smoky Mountain KnifeWorks

Smoky Mountain Knife Works is one of Sevierville’s most popular local shops. It was founded in 1978 by Kevin Pipes and John Parker. They used to sell pocket knives from their trucks. Now, it is the biggest knife showplace in the world with 108,000 square feet! They have a wide selection of knives, outdoor gear, and unique collectibles. Smoky Mountain Knife Works is a great place to experience a world where history, craftsmanship, and adventure come together.

a flock of geese fly over the river in Sevierville, TN

The Charm of Sevierville, Tennessee

Sevierville, Tennessee’s Free Mobile Vacation Guide will help you find more of the amazing things this enchanting city has to offer. Sevierville not only has beautiful scenery but also affordable lodging options for you to relax in after a day full of adventure. Known as the shopping capital of the Smokies, Sevierville is home to a variety of high-end retail outlets, charming antique shops, bustling flea markets, and quaint outdoor stores. Let’s not forget about the little adventurers! Discover attractions like RainForest Adventures and Tennessee Smokies Stadium, where you can enjoy a baseball game. Your kids will have a blast!

Sevierville is a small town offering big adventures at low prices. This guide to the best cheap things to do in Sevierville, TN, proves that you don’t need to spend a lot to have great experiences. You can enjoy local tastes at Tennessee Legend Distillery, have family picnics at the Sevierville Greenway, or go fishing at Sevier County Park. You can also go window shopping at places like Tanger Outlets and Smoky Mountain KnifeWorks. These activities are suitable for people of all ages and interests and capture the charm of Sevierville, where simplicity meets excitement. In these ways, Sevierville offers affordable fun through its natural beauty and family-friendly adventures.

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