Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion

Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion

Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion – Gatlinburg’s OLDEST and SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSE!

424 River Rd
Gatlinburg , TN 37738 865-436-7007
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Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion

Gatlinburg Mysterious Mansion – Gatlinburg’s OLDEST and SCARIEST HAUNTED HOUSE!


You are invited to join us for the most frightfully fun experience in Gatlinburg! Come explore this classic “turn of the century” haunted mansion.

This is a family-owned and operated; three-story, year-round haunted attraction. Most importantly, still owned by a descendant of one of the original owners. Because of this, we are always supporting small businesses as we are one ourselves. Our doors opened in 1980 and have been scaring smoky mountain visitors and daring locals for more than 42 years!

For additional appeal, the house is designed and decorated in an early 1900s-style old Victorian persona with ever-growing attention to detail. Originally, we were a “spooky fun house” type attraction. Since then, we have evolved over the years becoming Gatlinburg’s Oldest and Scariest Haunted House!

During the years of 2012-2015, we devoted ourselves to a variety of renovation projects. Including rummaging through vintage shops and mysterious stores. As a result, we are able to develop a much more authentic and chilling atmosphere. We hope we will delight you in the most unnerving way. Additionally, we try to add new and terrifying surprises each year. Come see our latest additions!

If you dare to step inside this once-grand abode. You shall take a terrifying, unguided tour finding your way through secret passageways. Then eerie dark corridors, winding staircases, and spine-chilling chambers. Finally, all will curdle the blood of even the bravest of souls! But BEWARE! You never know what restless, rotting, residents might be lurking around the corner in each foreboding room ahead …or BEHIND YOU!

Join us and release your screams in Gatlinburg’s original haunted house, Mysterious Mansion …IF YOU DARE!


424 River Rd
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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