Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge

Thanksgiving is the time-honored tradition of gathering around a table with loved ones, indulging in hearty fare, and reflecting on the year’s blessings. While this beloved holiday often takes place at home, why not switch things up this year? If you plan to visit the area for leaf season, consider staying for a Smoky Mountains Thanksgiving. The Smokies have a tempting collection of eateries set to serve a Thanksgiving feast to remember. Trot through the top spots for Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge in 2023 and beyond.

Mama's Farmhouse

Mama’s Farmhouse

At Mama’s Farmhouse, every detail evokes a sense of nostalgia and familial warmth. From the comforting decor to the heartwarming scent of homestyle cooking, it sets the perfect backdrop for a hearty Smoky Mountains Thanksgiving celebration.

The family-style servings are not only a nod to tradition but a testament to Mama’s Farmhouse’s emphasis on fostering connections over a home-cooked meal. The Thanksgiving menu is a splendid array of classic favorites with a Southern flair. The turkey n’ stuffing or honey-glazed ham offers a generous spread, and promises an adventure for the taste buds. Each bite carries the essence of Mama’s goodness.

It’s not just about the food at Mama’s. The warm and attentive staff ensure that hospitality infuses every moment of your dining experience. You will feel right at home as you gather around the table with your loved ones. The cozy ambiance, coupled with the countrified charm of the Smokies, makes Mama’s Farmhouse a coveted spot if you’re seeking a traditional Thanksgiving feast with a homely touch.



The sense of familiarity and tradition makes Shoney’s an inviting spot for a Smoky Mountains Thanksgiving celebration. The buffet is a grand display of America’s beloved holiday favorites, each prepared with love. From tender turkey to flavorful stuffing and sweet cranberry sauce, the variety is a nostalgic journey through classic Thanksgiving flavors. The beauty lies in this variety, where every palate, from the young to the young at heart, finds its craving met with a delicious answer.

Shoney’s vibrant yet relaxed atmosphere encapsulates the holiday spirit, making it a gathering spot for families seeking a traditional feast. The restaurant’s welcoming service adds to the experience, ensuring your Thanksgiving meal is memorable and satisfying.

Margaritaville at The Island

Margaritaville at The Island

This year, your gatherings take on a tropical twist at Margaritaville at The Island in Pigeon Forge. The menu at Margaritaville is a homage to Thanksgiving with a zest of the tropics. A light, breezy island aesthetic marries the holiday’s customary flavors. In this way, Margaritaville crafts a delightful fusion that caters to traditional and contemporary tastes, providing a culinary journey that’s both familiar and novel.

Margaritaville at The Island is more than just a dining venue. Once you enter this unique establishment, the blend of mountain atmosphere and island attitude is palpable. It offers a refreshing take on the traditional Thanksgiving celebration. As you dine amid the mountain surroundings, every bite is a melody of flavors that transports you to a tranquil island getaway. 

However, the allure doesn’t end at the table. The Margaritaville Island Hotel embodies an ethos of laid-back luxury with a touch of Southern Appalachian hospitality. Every aspect of the venue, from the upgraded guest room amenities (featuring luxurious fireplaces and private balconies) to the unique “Frozen Concoction Maker” in each room, is designed to elevate your holiday experience.

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant

The Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant is a quaint retreat where your 2023 Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge can come to life in a rustic, homely setting. As you approach this charming eatery, the scenic beauty of the Smokies embraces you with a serene backdrop.

The menu at Applewood Farmhouse features a spread of classic favorites that evoke a sense of nostalgia. The Farmhouse Roast Turkey with Gravy dish is crafted with a touch of love. 

As you dine, the gentle hum of conversations blends with the natural serenity of the surroundings. The old-world charm of the Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant creates a cozy place where families can gather around the table, share laughter, and create special memories.

The Old Mill Restaurant

The Old Mill Restaurant

The Old Mill Restaurant stands as a gateway to a bygone era, offering a Thanksgiving experience that’s as authentic as it is memorable. The restaurant, housed in a historic 1830s mill, exudes a rural charm that merges with the spirit of Thanksgiving.

As you enter the venue, creaking wooden floors and antique decor set a wistful stage for a traditional Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge. The menu is a heartfelt ode to the holiday. Every bite of their Traditional Turkey and Cornbread Dressing is a journey back to the meals that have graced the Thanksgiving tables of yesteryears.

The Old Mill Restaurant isn’t just about relishing a delicious Thanksgiving meal. It’s about immersing in the historic charm of the mill, the gentle flow of the Pigeon River, and the scenic beauty of Pigeon Forge.

The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe

The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe

The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe stands as a quaint escape nestled in the beauty of the Smokies. A sibling to the iconic Old Mill Restaurant, this charming cafe offers a comfy, intimate setting. The ambiance is a blend of rustic elegance and comfort, reflecting the peaceful state of the surrounding Smokies.

The welcoming atmosphere invites you to unwind and revel in the joy of Thanksgiving. The menu is a gratifying homage to the traditional holiday fare. From the tender, flavorful turkey to the lovingly prepared sides, every bite is a journey through the comforting flavors of home. The Old Mill Pottery House Cafe is more than just a dining venue. It’s a place where unforgettable experiences come to life over shared meals and heartfelt conversations. The adorable setting and the heartwarming menu create a picture-perfect platform if you’re seeking a more personal, intimate Thanksgiving celebration.

Paula Deen's Family Kitchen

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen

Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen stands as a beacon of Southern hospitality in the scenic backdrop of Pigeon Forge. The homely atmosphere paired and aroma of classic Southern dishes set a festive tone for your Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge. The menu is a hearty ode to time-honored recipes that have graced the Southern tables for generations. The generous spread beckons you to gather around the table, share laughter, and revel in the comforting flavors that define a classic Southern Thanksgiving feast.

Downtown Flavortown

Downtown Flavortown

As the name suggests, this upbeat venue welcomes you to a vibrant Thanksgiving celebration that is both contemporary and festive. The vibe is a lively blend of modern aesthetics with a warm, inviting atmosphere, well-suited to a Thanksgiving celebration in Pigeon Forge. Indulge in their Thanksgiving buffet from 11 am – 7 pm, and be sure to call ahead for a reservation.

For this Thanksgiving, let the endearing Smoky Mountains be the backdrop to your cherished holiday memories. Its medley of dining venues offer a unique takes on Thanksgiving, promising your celebration to be nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless traditions at The Old Mill Restaurant or the modern-day feast at Downtown Flavortown, your Thanksgiving in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg, or Sevierville will be a festivity filled with joy, gratitude, and delicious food.

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