Great Smokies Flea Market—When they say huge flea market, they really mean huge! There are 1,000 inside and outside unique rotating vendors. With 200,000 square feet overall and 100,000 square feet under a roof with heat and A/C, you could make a day of it there, but it probably would take longer! They have tasty eateries, antiques, collectibles, crafts and even a liquidation outlet with brand names with up to 70% off retail!

Besides a roof, they have even more covered, with free paved parking, room for tour buses, RV’s, truckers, and pets. Oh and of course, they also have free Wi-Fi so you can walk around getting your emails and texting your friends about the deals you’re getting. This is definitely a playground for you deal hunters, pickers, and horse traders, because you’ll be buying and selling like crazy.

With all the antiques, coins, collectibles, novelties, arts and crafts, you’ll need to stop and eat, but not until you peruse through the fishing goods, knives and guns. That’s not even all the sporting goods. There’s lots of sports items for the athlete. How about the tech geeks out there? Yes they have you covered as well. You will find computers, cell phones, security, and other crazy cool gadgets.

How about leather goods? Yes for you bikers or any one that loves leather goods, from jackets and boots to wallets and handbags. Of course for you music enthusiasts, there are all kinds of cool deals on musical instruments. You’ll find books, movies, CDs, DVDs, and paper goods. You’ll need to keep an eye out for their occasional giant tent sales while there.

They couldn’t leave the ladies out, so how about deep discounted cosmetics and favorite perfumes? Also check out deals on clothes for everyone including, infant, toddler or children. Also for the young ones, there are all kinds of toys, even collectibles for the slightly older ones. You’ll need to pick up some home décor and bedding.

The Farmers Market has seasonal and local produce, like fruits & berries, and tasty vegetables. You’ll find all sorts of nuts including boiled, roasted, salted or sweetened. There are sweet or spicy sauces, and those delicious Amish jams, jellies, fruit and nut butter. If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy desserts like pies, cobblers, fudge, brownies and more!

Of course if all of that above was not enough fun, there’s a lot more. There are exotic animal exhibitions from monkeys to singing jungle birds. There is face painting, horse drawn wagon rides, Oktoberfest’s and a whole lot more. This is the flea market to check out in the Smoky Mountains!

Find out more in the Great Smokies Flea Market brochure or visit the shopping section.

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