Foxfire Mountain Park Riding in ATV

The choices of having outdoor fun in Smoky Mountains seem to be endless! Let us tell you about a few: mountain biking, riding stables, ATV rides, and slipping and sliding down a 1000 foot hill in an 11 foot ball!

Climbworks Mountain Bike—Have you ever wanted to go bike riding in the mountains, but there were just too many what ifs? Like what type of bike to get, where to go, how difficult is it? Well don’t fret, because Climbworks Mountain Bike has it all figured out. You don’t have to buy a bike, figure out where to go, or have any experience. Of course, if you’re already experienced mountain biker that’s great too—you can enjoy the flow trail with rollers, berms, logs, bridges, and wood features. You can rent one of their high-end Trek bikes that are geared for children, men, and women (literally—they have simplified gear controls to make changing gears a breeze). Their experts can give first time mountain bikers assistance. Either way, there’s awesome fun ahead with their world-class trails, bridges, and more in the Smokies.

Smoky Mountain Riding Stables—Riding horseback is the way to see the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is definitely smoky mountain family fun, whether you’ve never been on a horse or you’re a regular rider. Wildlife like bear, deer or turkey is commonly seen during the day. This is not just regular horseback riding. They have been providing horseback rides over 25 years. You have a choice of riding 45 minutes, 1 ½ hour, or two-hour trail ride. Children must be a minimum of 5 years old to ride and there is a 225lb weight limit. Have more than 15 people wanting to ride? They welcome big groups, but call ahead first.

Bluff Mountain ATV Rides—Do you like riding ATV’s across streams, climbing hills, rugged terrain, and doing it all in the mountains? What about having all of that and 6,000 acres to ride on?! That’s what they offer all on guided trails in one- or two-hour tours. You must be 12 years old and 4’9” to operate your own ATV or younger than 12 years old as a passenger in a side by side or Teryx and be 4’9″. There’s no experience necessary on the Family Introduction Ride, but if you want something challenging you should check out Ridge Run. Some trails are no wider than your ATV and you’ll find yourself in a scenic ride near the edge of the mountain. Just remember to wear good shoes. Sandals won’t cut it!

Outdoor Gravity Park—Slip, slide and get wet on the OGO adventure. Do all that in an 11-foot transparent ball going down a 1000 foot hill. The best part is it won’t make you dizzy and will fit up to 3 riders. You’ll find yourself slipping and sliding rather than tumbling. When you’re ready for more, ride the Fishpipe. It’s a rotating 10-minute barrel ride (45 revolutions per minute) that carries up to three riders, and first of its kind in the world. They are open rain or shine.

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