If you’ve driven down the strip and noticed a giant golf ball with gumballs, lollipops, candy canes, and gummy bears sticking out below, you aren’t hallucinating. Crave Golf Club is one of the latest attractions in Pigeon Forge that you’ll be wanting to visit. It’s more than just a mini-golf course. It’s fun for the whole family! The unique aspect of Crave Golf Club is the indoor/outdoor course, with the outdoor fun happening on the roof. You can also enjoy indoor mini bowling if mini-golf isn’t your cup of tea. No candy-themed attraction would be complete without a giant candy store, which Crave Golf Club delivers in full measure, as well as a delicious milkshake bar (milkshakes are also discounted if you participate in a course).

Candy Bar at Crave Golf Club in Pigeon Forge, TN

When you first enter, the smell of delicious candy will fill your nose. You’ll see the menu boards of the milkshake bar cycling through images of their signature milkshakes named after areas in the courses like Cocoa Cliffs, Ice Cream Canyon, Jellybean Jungle, and more! If you don’t have an appetite already, the course will get your metabolism going, so let’s cover that.

The Indoor Course

When you first enter, you’ll bypass the bonus hole, number 19, and head to the area known as “Sugar Safari.” You’ll use the unique “Crave Style” Spin Zone spinners to increase your chance of winning, losing, or scoring some awesome candy or milkshake. How it works is simple. Spin the bottom plate, and you might get lucky by scoring a free putt or hole-in-one. You might get a challenge like putting on your right leg or holding the putter with only one hand. If anyone in your group receives a milkshake or candy, mark it down (one per hole for each). If you manage to score one on each hole, you’ll get a prize at the end. There is an incentive to enjoying mini-golf in a big group (up to six people)—the more people in your group, the more likely you’ll win candy or a milkshake!

After the Sugar Safari zone, you’ll enter “Ice Cream Canyon” where the courses seem to increase in difficulty. You’ll need to work on your putting speed and be careful with angles. Bumps and hills paired with the Crave Style mini-golf experience mean you’ll unintentionally challenge yourself, but having loads of fun along the way. Hole number 12 makes you question your judgment as three drops lead to the pad with the hole, but only one can get you a hole-in-one.

“Cocoa Cliffs” takes you around a waterfall of dumped fudge, a chocolate log cabin, and another challenging hole, number 17, where three gummy bears wave you on as you try to angle your ball up a hill, down the hill through nine obstacles, and into the hole. Number 18 isn’t quite as challenging a hole, but if you have problems aiming through a tunnel, you might get stuck (or, if you’re lucky, you’ll spin “two steps forward then putt.” The candy tree completes the course, where you can expect to get a hole-in-one easily.

If you opted for two courses, you could head up to the rooftop outside for the next round of mini-golf or pause for a milkshake or other snack. For an extra $2.00, you can come back within seven days and play again! Check out your scorecard to get coupons for candy or to TopJump Trampoline Park and Climbing Center.

Mini Bowling

Crave Golf Club mini bowling

Have little kids that have a difficult time holding a giant bowling ball, with fingers too small to adequately roll it down the lane? Mini bowling is perfect for small hands and those wanting the alley experience without wearing stinky rental bowling shoes (the smell of candy surrounds you instead). You can come only for bowling, or add it to your experience for a discounted price if you do mini-golf. They have four lanes of mini bowling available. And don’t be fooled, adults will find this challenging as well. It’s nowhere near as easy as it looks!

Are you ready to dive into the latest “scentsational” attraction in Pigeon Forge? If you haven’t been to their website, you can visit it and grab a coupon for 10% off any golf play package.

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