Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg activities

One of the most rewarding ways to spend your downtime is to pursue unusual activities off the beaten path. When you commit to trying something unconventional and new, you challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone, daring to find out what else the world has to offer. Having expanded your worldliness and pushed your boundaries, your audacity is repaid in unexpected delight and a refreshed sense of creativity! These unusual Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg activities will test your guts, take playtime to the extreme, and introduce you to fascinating new worlds of natural beauty.

Gatlinburg & Pigeon Forge activities

Test Your Guts

It takes a lot of courage to dive headfirst into a pitch-black, twisting and winding tunnel, to fly freely without an anchor, or to hit top speeds. Each of these Sevierville and Pigeon Forge activities will show you just how far your grit will take you to experience the highest adrenaline rush!

Dollywood Splash Country

Dollywood’s Splash Country

It’s never too early to start planning a thrilling adventure at a water park! Open from mid-May to the beginning of September, Dollywood’s Splash Country consists of 35 acres of endless opportunities to splash, play, shriek, and relax. The sixteen water slides and attractions vary according to thrill level. For instance, you could float gently down the Lazy River while enjoying beautiful mountain views, or free-fall under torrential cascades of water at Fire Tower Falls. The splash-filled playground at Bear Mountain Fire Tower will keep the little ones enthused yet safe for hours while the bigger kids take on the higher intensity rides like the dual slides at Wild River Falls. Grab a burger or some Dippin’ Dots at any of the on-site dining options, then get back out there for a sensational afternoon of family fun!

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Flyaway Indoor Skydiving

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to feel the rush of wind supporting your whole body in defiance of gravity? No need to keep imagining when you can experience your long-awaited dream of skydiving at Flyaway Indoor Skydiving. Their professional-grade vertical wind tunnel creates a body flying experience so close to actual skydiving that even competitive skydivers and military personnel often come here to train. That said, no experience is necessary. Participants are first equipped with a flight suit, helmet and other safety gear and then briefed on the basics of flying techniques. After the 15-minute information session, you’re free to fly solo or with a small group for three minutes of wind-racing glory!

NASCAR SpeedPark

NASCAR SpeedPark

Embrace your need for speed like a professional NASCAR driver with a heart-pounding go-kart race. NASCAR SpeedPark’s eight go-kart tracks ascend in length and difficulty, starting with a 200-foot oval for practice rounds and concluding with a whole quarter mile track. As if that’s not enough to awaken your senses, the park also offers ten rip-roaring rides and attractions, like bumper boats, a double-decker carousel, mini-golf, and a climbing wall. Plus, you could easily spend a whole day smashing zombies and battling dragons in the Hologate VR arena, where you and three other players can team up to beat seven realistic games. NASCAR SpeedPark is full of thrilling adventures for kids and adults alike.

all-ages activities in the Smokies

Extreme Playtime

Playtime takes many wacky forms in the Great Smoky Mountains, from multigenerational games to somersaulting stunts to a showdown of the meanest and toughest. Playtime isn’t just for kids, either. Check out these extreme ways to bring out your inner kid again!

Ripley's Super Fun Zone

Ripley’s Super Fun Zone

Ripley’s Super Fun Zone is one of the wildest Gatlinburg activities for fun-seekers across all age groups. In this 80’s-style venue, challenge your squad to the ultimate duel of laser tag, shooting or mini-golf. Commence your epic battle in either of their two laser tag arenas to decide the worthy victors. Yet only practice brings glory to the battlefield. The shooting gallery is the perfect training ground for beginners and young fighters. Winners, beware! The 18-hole indoor mini-golf course is a ripe opportunity for the vanquished to make a comeback. The unusual activities at Ripley’s Super Fun Zone are a must for large families and friend groups.

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena

TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena

Take the fun to new heights at TopJump Trampoline & Extreme Arena. With 28,500 square feet of trampoline space, you can jump, flip, dodge bouncing balls, and make slam dunks to your heart’s content. Unlike other trampoline parks, TopJump features the unique Cliffhanger Challenge, an arena of 21 adventurous climbing lines, plus the Fire & Ice Ninja Course, a labyrinth of ramps, beams, rungs, and steps that turns adventurers into parkour experts. TopJump also offers seven other activities, including an arcade, dodgeball, a candy shop, or mini-golf at their Toy Box Mini Golf location. With so many ways to play, each more extraordinary than the next, you’ll have an excuse to come back again for more!

Micro Wrestling

Micro Wrestling

Micro Wrestling is nothing “short” of the most outrageous showmanship you’ve ever seen! A professional organization supporting wrestlers measuring under five feet tall, the Micro Wrestling Federation features exclusively Little People as the stars of the show. These bloodthirsty fighters live for the excitement of body-slamming, top-rope-jumping, and jaw-breaking savagery. Every week, they perform four all-ages shows at an impressive 300-seat arena in Pigeon Forge. When it comes to the insane spectacle of micro wrestling, you’re in for a hardcore night of debauchery and hilarious stunts.

Sevierville activities

A World of Natural Beauty

Would you ever choose to walk along a gorgeous greenway over driving? Did you know that you can see non-native animals like tropical birds here in the mountains? While it’s no secret that the Smokies are overflowing with natural beauty and fascinating wildlife, these two Sevierville activities may make you think twice about what to expect in the mountains.

Sevierville Greenway

Sevierville Greenway

While many people will have their hearts set on hiking the trails and rafting the rivers, you’ll be able to skip the crowds at the Sevierville Greenway. The Sevierville Greenway consists of 10 miles of walkable and bikeable trails skirting quaint creeks and luscious meadows. You’re also likely to see plenty of wildlife as you take in the surrounding mountain scenery. Instead of driving, you can take a relaxing stroll to get to attractions like the Sevierville City Park, the Pigeon River, and Dollywood. Plus, you can enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze over a delicious barbecue lunch at any of the public picnic tables and gazebos along the path.

Parrot Mountain

Parrot Mountain

Spreading across four acres of land, Parrot Mountain is a Bible-inspired secret garden accommodating thousands of tropical birds, flowers and plants. While colorful parrots roam freely inside the parrot cottages, magpies eye you mysteriously from the open perches. Toucans flash their vibrant giant beaks as they fly past overhead, while dozens of birds eagerly feed straight from your hand. From the bird garden to the nursery, the airwaves are always full of whimsical melodies. Perhaps one of the most unusual locales in the Smokies, Parrot Mountain is a magical sight to behold, where native flora and non-native creatures coexist in peace.

The Smokies are already brimming with unique experiences for all ages. However, you’ll find these Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville activities to be particularly unusual or even, at times, peculiar. From outlandish birds to spirited Little People wrestlers to skydiving that doesn’t actually happen in the sky, the oddest ventures often make the most memorable vacation!

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