Goats On The Roof Fudge

Got a sweet tooth? Or maybe a hankering for some tantalizing desserts? Pigeon Forge has you covered! Choose from some of their amazing taffy, premium ice cream, or fudge options!

Candy Shops

Smoky Mountain Candy Makers

Taffy, Taffy, Taffy! Who doesn’t love taffy? Watch how artisans create delicious candy with their Tennessee Taffy Making Machine. At Smoky Mountain Candy Makers, the taffy is wrapped on an old fashioned machine built in 1940. Moreover, enjoy homemade fudge, 30 different flavors of taffy, hand-dipped chocolate, Tennessee mud pies, and other assorted candies!.

Goats On The Roof

What is Goats On The Roof? It’s the attraction in Pigeon Forge that’s impossible to miss! After all, they’re the only attraction with live goats on the roof!

Stop in, get a can of goat chow and hop on their special “goat-cycle,” which lets you transport your can of goat feed up to the roof. After that, grab your camera and watch with enjoyment as the goats enjoy their snack.

For a closer view, head up to the second level of their gift shop. You can gaze out the windows at your new bearded friends in air-conditioned comfort. Best of all, there’s no charge! Then with your sweet treat, you can enjoy the shade of their front porch in an authentic Amish rocking chair.

Summertime Desserts

Mad Dog’s Creamery

Here’s the scoop! Indulge in a full selection of hand-dipped premium ice cream at Mad Dog’s Creamery! There are so many choices to pick from! With handmade chocolate waffle cones, sundaes, banana splits, and more, the whole family will be happy! Not only can you choose one of their scrumptious ice cream desserts, but also grab a coffee to go! Mad Dog has recently added delicious espresso drinks, shakes, and affogatos to their extensive menu. Or, if fried food is more your speed, delight in one of their Bad Dog Funnel Cakes.

Whether in Pigeon Forge or Gatlinburg, this is the spot to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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