Young friends with beer celebrating St. Patrick's Day in pub

If you’re looking for an authentic way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, look no further! We invite you to check out the Fox and Parrot Tavern, which will make you wonder if you have left the Smokies and wandered over the pond via a fairy hole. The Fox and Parrot is located in the center of Gatlinburg’s Arts and Crafts Community and the pub is the perfect spot for a pint, a meal, and more. They also offer a kid’s menu with choices like Doodles and Knees (mac and cheese) and Beanie Weenies (sliced hot dog with baked beans). Adults can enjoy several ales, ciders, and beers. Choose from a whopping 31 different draughts. They actually had to expand the bar for their new equipment! If you’d like to experience Guinness Irish-style, this is the place to get it. They serve from the keg at a specific temperature on its own pump. While you shouldn’t expect to get served green beer, you should expect a great experience. They also have British bristle dart boards and steel-tipped darts if you’re up for a game while you wait for your food.

If you want to plan an excursion with the family but won’t be in the Smoky Mountains for St. Patrick’s Day specifically, the Titanic Museum is celebrating the Irish during the entire month of March. Experience music and dancing as the Titanic Museum honors and celebrates those who built the ship, worked on it, and sailed on it. Besides the impressive exterior (half-scale replica to the original Titanic plans), you’ll immerse yourself in galleries with over 400 genuine artifacts, experience hands-on opportunities, and even engage in a scavenger hunt to test your knowledge! Ever wanted to know how cold the water was on the fateful day the ship sank? Come and touch the 28-degree water—they even have a real iceberg!

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