The Appy Lodge

The Appy Lodge

The Appy Lodge – Experience the history of the Appalachian Trail around every corner of this beautiful lodge!

168 Pkwy
Gatlinburg , TN 37738 865-430-3659
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The Appy Lodge

The Appy Lodge – Experience the history of the Appalachian Trail around every corner of this beautiful lodge!


The Appalachian Lodge, known as The Appy Lodge was built by locals that have been a part of the Smoky Mountains for over eight generations.

In the early 1900s, early settlers saw that the Smokies were a natural draw for people to recreate. Restaurants were built to feed visitors. Not only that, handicrafts became a hot commodity for visitors that wanted a piece of Appalachian folklore. Because of this, a tourism economy was born.

With the creation of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park in 1934, tourism grew into a full-fledged industry. Our family was in the hotel business then in Gatlinburg, as it is today. Therefore, we set out to create The Appy Lodge. It is part museum and part hotel. Seeking to educate our guests not only about the Appalachian Trail but also to introduce them to the Great Outdoors.

The Appalachian Trail is somewhere up there with apple pie, baseball, and the American Dream. Its ruggedness reflects that same ruggedness our forefathers had to endure when they created this democracy.

Additionally, we remain true to our heritage and showcase the Great Outdoors. Transporting our guests back to another place, another time. Come share our love of nature at its finest.

Welcome to The Appy Lodge. Sit in one of our rockers and just enjoy what God has placed before you. Sleep in a much more comfortable bed than you’ll find out on the trail but while you’re doing it, learn a little something about one of the hundreds of shelters along the trail.

Explore those great Americans who first thought of, fought for, and made sure that future generations could enjoy a transcontinental footpath forever. Hang around our lobby and maybe you’ll run into one of those brave souls called “thru-hiker” and listen to tales from the Trail.

Enjoy old-fashioned hickory furniture made just like the pioneers made it. We hope that the taste we give you for the Appalachian Trail and the Smokies will whet your appetite for a lifetime of love of the Great Outdoors. If that happens, we’ve accomplished our goal. Have a good time and have fun here at The Appy!


168 Pkwy
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

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