fun things to do with teens in Myrtle Beach

When it comes to family-friendly vacation spots, Myrtle Beach shines. With an array of fun places for teens, there is no shortage of activities to keep them entertained. Whether they are thrill-seekers, sports enthusiasts, or gamers, check out these fun things to do with teens in Myrtle Beach!

Myrtle Beach go-karts

Create Some Friendly Competition

Nothing sparks excitement and team spirit on a family vacation like a friendly competition. Whether racing around a go-kart track, or battling it out on the bumper boats, Myrtle Beach has tons of exciting venues that bring out the competitive spirit. These activities provide a chance to ignite your family rivalry and create a space for shared laughter. Look at some of the best places in Myrtle Beach to spark some competition.

The Track

Teenagers looking to summon their inner speed demon can go full throttle at The Track in Myrtle Beach. With options catering to all racing skill levels, it’s an adrenaline-filled adventure for everyone.

For beginners, there are specially designed karts and a smaller track that delivers a safe experience. For seasoned racers, check out the Wild Woody. It’s a multi-tiered wooden track that sends drivers spiraling three and a half levels up before spiraling down in a corkscrew pattern.

After the thrill of the race, The Track offers bumper boats to help you cool down with a splash! Armed with a water gun, enjoy a fun water fight with family members. The goal is to drench your competitors while dodging their splashes.

The excitement doesn’t stop at racing and water fights. The Track includes Fat Daddy’s Arcade, Kids’ Country rides, and a shark-themed coaster. The Track rightfully earns its place among the top teen-friendly attractions in Myrtle Beach.

K1 Speed

Get set for a unique racing adventure at K1 Speed in Myrtle Beach. Rather than conventional gas-powered karts, they feature all-electric go-karts. These high-speed karts deliver the same thrill of racing minus the noise and emissions, making it a greener and healthier choice.

Their professionally-designed indoor course is reminiscent of European-style race tracks. With its mix of challenging bends and speed-building straights, the race track offers a genuine racing feel. You’ll feel every bit the bona fide race car driver! Yet simultaneously,safety at K1 Speed is paramount. Its state-of-the-art safety barriers, remote kart shutdown systems, four-point safety harnesses, and dual disk brakes ensure your safety comes first.

Additionally, K1 Speed houses a Paddock Lounge for racers to recharge with refreshments and snacks. A variety of arcade games are also on hand for some post-race entertainment.

Swamp Park

Tackle Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

Embracing the great outdoors is undoubtedly one of the most engaging things to do with teens in Myrtle Beach. The city offers a treasure trove of exhilarating outdoor activities that inspire a sense of adventure and provide an opportunity for physical exercise. Let’s not forget the added benefits of sunshine, fresh air, and the chance to immerse yourself in the area’s natural landscapes. So, gear up, slather on some sunscreen, and dive into thrilling outdoor adventures like those that await at Swamp Park. 

Swamp Park

Set your sights on Swamp Park for a blend of nature, adventure, and education. Just a brief drive from Myrtle Beach, this park sits within the Shallotte River Swamp and ranks as one of the most fun places for teens.

One of the star attractions at the park is the zipline tour, featuring 10 ziplines and 3 suspension bridges. Take in the swamp views as you whiz through the treetops, experiencing a bird’s-eye perspective. Besides ziplining, Swamp Park offers guided swamp boat eco-tours. These educational excursions provide insight into the local ecosystem and its resident wildlife.

The park also includes an aerial adventure park. This high ropes course has exciting challenges, like tightropes, obstacle courses, and wobble bridges. It’s a tremendous physical challenge and tests your strength, balance, and coordination.

Myrtle Beach sports

Cultivate Their Athletic Interests

Myrtle Beach is nothing short of a paradise for families with athletically inclined teenagers. The city holds a variety of unique, sport-themed attractions, catering to the interests and abilities of young athletes. Whether your teen is into professional football or has a passion for catching waves on a surfboard, there’s no shortage of excitement. So, lace up those sneakers, flex those muscles, and prepare to score some serious parent points with these sporty Myrtle Beach activities!

Pro Football Hall of Fame Myrtle Beach

The Pro Football Hall of Fame honors professional football history’s most extraordinary personalities and moments. Its exhibits showcase memorabilia, artifacts, and detailed profiles of Hall of Fame inductees. The profiles highlight valuable life principles learned from the game, like dedication, integrity, and respect. Naturally, football fanatics can also shop for authentic Hall of Fame gear at the Pro Shop.

Kokopelli Surf Camp

Teens with a passion for water sports and an adventurous spirit flock to Kokopelli Surf Camp. This vibrant camp offers surfing lessons and paddle boarding tours for teens in Myrtle Beach.

The camp takes pride in providing lessons to beginners and aspiring surfers. The instructors here are seasoned surfers, equipped with local wave knowledge and eager to share their love for surfing.

The lessons extend beyond learning to surf a wave. They encompass ocean safety, how waves are created, and surf etiquette. The instructors aim for a comprehensive and enjoyable learning experience. The camp is fully equipped with surfboard and paddleboard rentals for an exciting day on the waves.

Myrtle Beach arcades

Play Arcade Games

Arcade games have an ageless appeal that transcends generations. The flashing lights, the chiming bells, and the thrill of victory make them an excellent option for teenage fun. Choose from pinball classics or the latest interactive challenges. These state-of-the-art gaming venues combine good food with endless entertainment. Here’s where to get your game on in Myrtle Beach:

Dave & Busters

Dave & Busters is the ultimate destination for gaming. Located at Broadway at the Beach, this entertainment complex offers top-tier arcade games. It’s one of the most fun places for teens in Myrtle Beach. This venue creates an evening of fun and friendly competition. There’s even a dedicated section for VR games, offering an immersive, next-level gaming experience.

Dave & Busters also features a large sports bar for parents to enjoy while teens play. Another attractive feature of Dave & Busters is their “Eat & Play Combo,” which allows you to enjoy a meal and a gaming session at a discounted price. It’s a convenient way to keep your teens entertained and well-fed without breaking the bank.

Myrtle Beach shows

Catch A Show

A blend of lighthearted fun, laughter, and relaxed entertainment, a comedy show is an ideal way to cap off a day full of activities in Myrtle Beach. It’s an opportunity to sit back and enjoy some lighthearted fun while sparking a conversation among family members. The ability to appeal to a wide age range makes comedy shows one of the top things to do with teens in Myrtle Beach. Here’s a great place to add a dash of humor to your vacation:

Charles Bach Wonders Theatre

The Charles Bach Wonders Theatre is the perfect destination for teens and families looking for age-appropriate entertainment in Myrtle Beach. Showcasing the world-class illusionist Charles Bach, the theater offers a unique blend of magic and comedy.

Charles Bach is a magician who has honed his craft in places like Las Vegas and the world-famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Known for his charm and captivating stage presence, he brings a unique energy to every performance. His show, Wonders, promises to transport you into a world where the impossible becomes possible.

The show features grand illusions and intricate hand magic combined with music and dance, making it a true spectacle. One of the show’s highlights is its interactive nature. Charles Bach often invites audience members on stage to assist in his illusions, adding an element of surprise. 

Myrtle Beach offers a dynamic array of fun-filled, engaging, and exciting activities that teenagers will love. Ignite their competitive spirit at go-kart tracks like The Track or K1 Speed. Explore the thrills of outdoor adventures at Swamp Park, or cultivate their sports interests at Pro Football Hall of Fame. Hit the arcade at Dave & Buster’s, or wrap up the day with a laughter-filled evening at the Charles Bach Wonders Theatre. Each venue offers a unique blend of entertainment and thrills. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy your time together, making the most of all the fun things to do with teens in Myrtle Beach. Happy vacationing!

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