When you’re traveling with kids, finding activities that will make them smile is likely near the top of your list. No matter the ages of your family members, Myrtle Beach offers many options for kid-friendly fun, including surfing, kayaking, go-carting and more.

girl dressed as pirate at Pirate Adventures

Pirate Adventures

Yo ho ho! All aboard a real-life pirate ship! Lads and lassies aged 3-10 are transformed into plundering buccaneers with face paint and pirate garb. They must fend off the evil Pirate Pete in a water cannon battle while hunting for booty using a rare treasure map. Every young scoundrel goes home with a handful of treasure plus stories to tell as vast as the seven seas!

T-Rex rendition from Dino Park

Dino Park

Sharks aren’t the only prehistoric predators on the beach! Dino Park thrills bite-sized humans as they step off the beach to slip through the sands of time. Full-grown humans will enjoy the trip back to an age when their imaginations ran wild with Jurrasic fantasies.