Dino Park

Dino Park in Myrtle Beach– Enter a world of fun and excitement!

1112 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach , SC 29579 843 808 9619
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Dino Park

Dino Park in Myrtle Beach– Enter a world of fun and excitement!


Imagine going back in time, hundreds of millions of years ago, to an era where dinosaurs ruled the earth. Dino Park allows you to do just that. The sounds and scenes of the prehistoric era will captivate you and your family as you explore the park.

You will encounter a wide range of life-sized dinosaurs as you stroll through the park. From the swift-footed Velociraptors to the colossal Brachiosaurus. And of course, the magnificent Tyrannosaurus Rex! Each one is painstakingly detailed, down to the texture of the skin. Additionally, they are animated through state-of-the-art animatronics, these creatures seem to spring to life right before your eyes.

But it’s not just a visual treat; Dino Park aims to engage and educate its visitors about these incredible creatures. Have you ever wondered why the Triceratops had three horns? Or how the Velociraptors communicated? Find these answers and more as you explore this captivating setting.

Not to be missed, Dino Park also features a unique hands-on area. Here, young enthusiasts can uncover buried fossils in a dedicated dig site. Or dive into the 100,000-ball Dino Explore pit for some fun-filled adventure.

Venture into the park’s themed playground, where kids can burn off some energy while still immersed in the fascinating world of dinosaurs. From slides that mimic dinosaur tails. They can also climb on playsets shaped like dinosaur bones, it’s a play area that creatively blends fun and learning.

In this journey through prehistoric times at Dino Park, you’re not just observing dinosaurs. You’re experiencing what life might have been like when they ruled the earth. With over 20 animatronic life-sized dinosaurs to discover, each visit is a new adventure waiting to unfold. So, come on down and let the echoes of the Jurassic era enthrall your senses at Dino Park.


1112 Celebrity Circle
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

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