top things to do in Myrtle Beach for families

Myrtle Beach is so much more than just a strip of coastline. The town itself is a playground for toddlers, kids, and teenagers. On the one hand, your dino-obsessed kid can learn about prehistoric monsters and play golf with them on the same day. On the other hand, your ninja kid can get their crazy energy out with laser tag and trampoline stunts. While some kids dive into creative pursuits, like building a custom vehicle or playing with camera angles, others prefer to sit back and enjoy a good story and bumpy ride. No matter your kids’ ages and styles of fun, the top things to do in Myrtle beach for families will have them all covered!

things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers

Things to Do in Myrtle Beach with Toddlers

When traveling with small children, it can be hard to find activities that are both age-appropriate and fun for everyone. Thankfully, in Myrtle Beach, you don’t have to stay back at the hotel with your toddler while everyone else goes out to explore. These things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers invite adults to take an active role in playtime, too:

Dino Park

Dino Park

Dino Park is an adventure back to the Jurassic era that no kid could pass up! The park features over 20 animatronic dinosaurs accompanied by educational fun facts. Playtime at the ball pit and playground among life-sized dinos will excite your toddler as though it’s their birthday. Show them how to dig up new fossils from the sand, and then go for a thrilling ride on the T. Rex! Find the immersive experience at Dino Park right next to Ripley’s Aquarium at Broadway at the Beach. 



Whether you’re a kid or an adult, playtime is where we express ourselves creatively. It’s a tool to help us understand ourselves and how we connect with others. Quality playtime is the number one priority at Ridemakerz, where kids can find a creative outlet in building a custom miniature vehicle. Ridemakerz is not just a toy shop but an interactive experience. From the vehicle body and chassis to the wheels and accessories, your kid can choose every detail of their remote-controlled race car. Once finished building their unique creation, they get to take it out for a test ride at the Victory Lane! Make sure to plan a visit to their store while exploring the shops and attractions at Broadway at the Beach.

Fun Warehouse

Fun Warehouse

If you’re looking for things to do in Myrtle Beach with toddlers and older kids at the same time, Fun Warehouse is a fantastic option. This massive complex includes six unique attractions suited to families or groups. 

For younger children and toddlers, the Inflatable jungle gym is an excellent outlet to jump, swing, explore, and fall safely into the soft cushions. At the same time, older kids can go racing in go-karts at the Thundervolt Speedway or duke it out at the Urban Quest Laser Tag Arena. If you and your kids prefer playing on the same team, try the Virtual Reality Arena where you’ll fight off invading zombies or majestic dragons in a foreign land. Lastly, check out the arcade for games like Pac-Man and mini-bowling, or let the kids expend their remaining energy at the roller skating rink.

Myrtle Beach attractions for kids

Myrtle Beach Attractions For Kids

Are your kids at the age where they’re more interested in their phones than their dinosaur parents? Or are they at the age where dinosaurs are the coolest thing in the world? The differences between age groups in children are like night and day. Yet, the Myrtle Beach attractions for kids can offer common ground among varying age groups.

Selfie WRLD

Selfie WRLD

Do you ever look back on old photos or wish you had taken more? Selfie WRLD gives you that reminder to capture these priceless moments. Also, it creates an entire entertainment experience centered around the camera. Selfie WRLD is an interactive art studio with different rooms designed for unique and quirky themes. For instance, your glamorous photoshoots could have a backdrop and props themed with splatter paint, slinkies, LED lights, and more. Whether you want a series of silly family portraits or your teens want to collab on a TikTok video, Selfie WRLD is a creative playground for photographers of all ages and skill levels.

Professor Hacker's Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf

If your kids had a blast at Dino Park, they will also love Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf. Follow the archaeologist Professor Hacker to his hot air balloon crash-landing site in a canyon ruled by dinosaurs! Venture through 36 holes of mini-golf to see our ancient predecessors up-close and make it safely back to Professor Hacker’s steamship, the R.S Jurassic Explorer. By the end of the two outdoor courses, you’ll understand why interactive mini-golfing adventures are one of the top things to do in Myrtle Beach for families!

Rockin' Jump

Rockin’ Jump

Is your child obsessed with kids’ shows like Naruto and constantly climbing all over things like a ninja in training? If so, they’ll get the training session of a lifetime at Rockin’ Jump. At its core, this indoor play gym is a trampoline park, but it also includes twelve unique attractions geared toward challenging your dexterity and strength.

For instance, the 80-foot Ninja Challenge Course is an obstacle course of challenge rings, trapezes, balancing balls, crawl bridges, and more. In the Stunt Bag Arena, kids can pull fabulous stunts as they plunge from a height into the drop zone, a gigantic soft landing area. Meanwhile, the X-Beam tests your balancing skills as you fight an opponent with a padded lance over a foam pit. Discover all the ways young ninjas can refine their jumping, bouncing, balancing, climbing, and dodging skills at Rockin’ Jump!

Ripley's 5D Moving Theater

Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater

Going to the movies just got ten times better at this fully immersive sensory experience. The theater screens 3D movies such as “Aladdin the Ride” and “Red Beard’s Rapids,” accompanied by digital effects and motion seats. You’ll feel every twist, turn, and bump as you come along for a ride on the magic carpet or over rough rapids! Save on a package deal of tickets to Ripley’s 5D Moving Theater plus any of the other Ripley’s locations. Between the seven Ripley’s activities in town, there is never a shortage of Myrtle Beach attractions for kids!

When most people think of Myrtle Beach, they think about splashing in the warm tide and sunbathing on the white sands. However, with so many Myrtle Beach attractions for kids, you’re actually in the midst of a gigantic playground! Whether yours is a young family with a small child or you’re seasoned parents with a handful of teenagers, the top things to do in Myrtle Beach for families will elevate your vacation from a typical beach trip to an exciting week of nonstop fun!

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