Summer in Myrtle Beach

There is nothing like the adrenaline rush of high speeds and torrential waves to remind you that you’re alive. Only true thrill-seekers can understand that losing control and overcoming terror can be one of the most rewarding experiences.

You can test your nerve at Myrtle Beach’s water parks and amusement parks this summer. See how many of these exciting parks you can check off your summer bucket list before the summer days are gone!

Myrtle Beach water park

Myrtle Beach Water Parks

A Myrtle Beach vacation should be comprised of plenty of splash-filled playtime. However, the beach isn’t the only way to fulfill that quota when there are two unique Myrtle Beach water parks to check out!

Myrtle Waves Water Park

There are eight fun-filled water slides at Myrtle Waves Water Park, located next to Broadway at the Beach.

A tsunami simulator will challenge your boogie board surfing skills on the Flowrider. On the other hand, young thrill-seekers will feel appreciate the two kid-friendly water playgrounds and lazy rivers.

Wild Water & Wheels

Wild Water & Wheels is another family-friendly water park with a variety of rides of all levels. Little kids can enjoy the calm splash zones such as Wally’s Lagoon, Wee Kid’s Water World and the Kiddie Pool. Experienced adrenaline addicts look forward to five fierce speed slides.

Plunge into darkness in their tube slides, race your friends on the mat slides. Then chill out at the wave pool or lazy river. Wild Water & Wheels also contains a go-kart racing track and a mini-golf course for when you’re ready to dry off but unwilling to end the fun.

Myrtle Beach amusement park

Myrtle Beach Amusement Parks

Between all three Myrtle Beach amusement parks, you’re more likely to run out of time than run out of sensational rides to try.

Even if you don’t get to visit all the parks during this vacation, you’ll at least have an excuse to return and do your thrill-happy summer bucket list justice. Don’t underestimate the intensity of the rides at Family Kingdom, Pavilion and Free Fall Thrill Park!

Family Kingdom

Situated directly next to the beach, Family Kingdom is an amusement park of 38 rides. Many of which take you as high as the sky for incredible views of the coastline.

Hold on tight as the Twist ‘N’ Shout vintage cars twist sharply around each curve in the track. After that, get ready to throw your hands in the air! Watch Myrtle Beach become a blur on the wild Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster.

By the time you’re done exploring the thrill rides, you’ll be shaking from head to toe. Check out the bumper cars, go-kart racing, arcade games, delicious eateries and many other attractions.

Don’t forget to bookmark Family Kingdom for later to find out when their Splashes Oceanfront Water Park opens back up, too!



Pavilion is the largest thrill ride park in Myrtle Beach, consisting of two campuses according to intensity.

Action Park is only for the bravest of risk-takers. You will find insane rides like the Moonraker 2.0, a raised platform gondola that spins you into oblivion. Also, the Speed XXL, a rotating and spinning arm that reaches over 50 mph!

Meanwhile, at Fun Park, you’ll find kiddie-approved rides like the Myrtle Turtle, a bi-level track with spinning turtle cars. And the Broadway 360 Observation Wheel, which rises gracefully up into the air for a relaxing respite and scenic panorama.

Whichever you choose is sure to shorten your summer bucket list.

Free Fall Thrill Park

At Free Fall Thrill Park, you can expect to lose all sense of gravity or direction between their three extreme rides.

The SlingShot suspends you between two towers. It will shoot you and your buddy as high as 300 feet in the air at an adrenaline-pumping 100 miles per hour!

Airstrike takes your breath away. It spins at 62 miles per hour in every direction as your legs dangle dangerously below you.

Finally, the Sun Dance flips your world upside down as it lurches vertically around and around at 40 feet in the air.

family-friendly parks

Thrilling Adventures for All-Ages Groups

When you’re visiting as a group, it can sometimes be challenging to find thrilling activities that everyone can enjoy across age differences. Many theme parks include kiddie play areas and rides, but the youngest ones might feel left out if there aren’t thrills for them.

These two adventures are both packed with excitement and appropriate for families and groups of diverse ages.

Dino Park

Dino Park

Explore with caution and tread carefully, lest you disturb the terrifying dinosaurs in their natural habitat!

At Dino Park, more than twenty life-size animatronic creatures await. In a jungle backdrop they entice you with their reptilian colors and show off their knife-like teeth.

The exhibit also displays little-known facts about the dinosaurs so that the little ones come away having learned something new.

For families with children under five, Dino Park will most definitely be an electrifying experience!

Battery Park Off Road

Battery Park Off Road

About an hour’s stint from Myrtle Beach, you’ll find 34 miles of enduro-style trails wandering through the gorgeous woods of Nesmith, SC.

Don’t have a Jeep that can shred the dirt roads? Battery Park Off Road rents ATV quads for 90 minutes or a full day, including a guided tour and safety gear.

Their property also contains three loop trails designed for quads, Jeeps, or side-by-sides. Plus four MX tracks suitable for all ages of motorcycle riders. Because it’s somewhat off the beaten path from Myrtle Beach; Battery Park Off Road also rents RV hookups and campers that sleep up to 8 people.

Spend a weekend with the entire family. Zoom through the pristine woods. Hug the sharpest curves, and flying through each jump like a pro motocross biker!

Though the seasons roll forward once again toward autumn, the endless summer is not just a matter of time. Nor is it a matter of traveling nonstop across the hemispheres, chasing the sun until the memory of winter dissipates.

The summer is endless only when a brief moment captures an eternity of sensation.

When your stomach drops and your heart races faster than you can count, the rest of the world seems to slow down and freeze. In this way, a trip to visit an amusement park in Myrtle Beach can help check-off thrills from your summer bucket list and add it to an endless memory.

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