best mini-golf in Myrtle Beach

The clubs have been chosen. The ball is set. The high-noon sun glares through the dust. The bets have been taken, and now it’s all on the line: you promised your kids you’d treat them to ice cream if they can beat you. Can you handle the pressure of pirates, dinosaurs, and even hot magma on your six?

Wild adventures like these await when you take the family out for mini-golf in North Myrtle Beach and among the other kid-friendly attractions. Whether you’re in it for the putting practice or the practice pitting parents against kids – swing into the best mini-golf in Myrtle Beach!

mini-golf in North Myrtle Beach

Mini Golf in North Myrtle Beach

When you’re ready to shake off the sand and start some trouble, set your sights northward. The variety of imaginative mini-golf in North Myrtle Beach makes this side of town a mecca for putting champions! Let’s take a look at a few of our favorite mini-golfing experiences to try with kids.

Myrtle Beach Family Golf

Myrtle Beach Family Golf

Tee off into an adventure of epic proportions at any of the five courses of Myrtle Beach Family Golf! Each of their locations across Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach creates a unique and immersive fantasy world.

  • Captain Hook’s Adventure Golf – Revisit Peter Pan’s story from the perspective of your golf club! This double course of 36 holes takes place on a special island where kids stay young forever. You’ll meet the Lost Boys, help Tinkerbell, and even swing your way across Captain Hook’s pirate ship!
  • Jungle Safari Mini-Golf – At the Jungle Safari course, you’ll experience the wild African jungle without leaving the pristine putting green. Keep an eye out for exotic wildlife like life-size elephants, giraffes, and zebras grazing around every corner of this vast savanna.
  • Jurassic Golf – Only the bravest golfers should endeavor to conquer the two 18-hole courses at Jurassic Golf. Step back in time and compete under the watchful eye of ferocious dinosaurs like the horn-faced ceratopsian, the toothy dilophosaurus, and, of course, the regal T-Rex!
  • Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf – Only an Atlantic Ocean storm has the power to turn sailors into castaways. On this small, uninhabited island, the Myrtle Maiden finds its final resting place, and the crew awaits rescue amid palm trees and sharks. Make sure to avoid the waterfalls and shells as you putt across this tropical course.
  • Cane Patch Driving Range – Whether new to mini-golfing or a seasoned pro, you can level up your technique at the Cane Patch Driving Range. Practice your swing during the daytime or under the evening lighting at this premier practice facility with 54 hitting bays and complimentary clubs.
Paradise Adventure Golf

Paradise Adventure Golf

If you’re looking to mini-golf your way up and down the Grand Strand, start with Paradise Adventure Golf. Their trio of courses doesn’t just offer beautiful landscaping in a tropical theme. They also have Dippin’ Dots, frozen bananas, beer, and souvenirs available on-site. Take your pick between Mayan gods, volcanoes, and pirates, or try all three!

  • Cancun Lagoon – Catch a game before you travel home! Located right next to the airport on South Kings Highway, Cancun Lagoon features a 50-foot-tall Mayan pyramid. Try for aces and birdies among the ancient gods on this 27-hole air-conditioned indoor/outdoor course.
  • Molten Mountain – If you spotted an active volcano in North Myrtle Beach, your eyes did not deceive you. The 50-foot volcano at Molten Mountain erupts every half hour! Cool off with a round of 18 holes in the air conditioning, or turn up the heat with scalding magma at the 18 outdoor holes.
  • Mutiny Bay – Line up your shot with care, but don’t wait until chaos breaks out! At Mutiny Bay, pirates are known to attack every 30 minutes. You’ll have to keep a weather eye out for the scallywags and buccaneers as you play through 36 outdoor holes, a few of which are on the pirate ship itself!
Professor Hacker's Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Professor Hacker’s Dinosaur Adventure Golf

Did you know that dinosaurs still exist in modern times? Neither did Professor Hacker, archaeologist and paleontologist of the University of Chicago, until his hot air balloon crash-landed in an isolated canyon. As you putt through 36 holes of mini-golf, you’ll retrace Professor Hacker’s footsteps back to his ship, the R.S. Jurassic Explorer. Be wary of the ferocious reptilian beasts, mysterious jungle terrain, and waterfall obstacles along the way!

Kids' attractions with mini-golf

Kids’ Attractions with Mini-Golf

With so many courses available, diehard enthusiasts of the sport could mini-golf North Myrtle Beach all day long and be quite content. However, some folks may be up for only a round or two before exploring other Myrtle Beach kids’ attractions. If you’re in the latter group, you’re in luck! Some of the best mini-golf in Myrtle Beach can be found inside a broader entertainment center, like Broadway Grand Prix.

mini-golf at Broadway Grand Prix

Broadway Grand Prix

Broadway Grand Prix lets you take your family competition wherever you want: the putting green, the asphalt, or the arcade. On the Challenge Mini-Golf Course, your mini-golf ball will cruise through tires and over the finish line after two 18-hole courses featuring brand new prize spinners.

Aside from offering some of the best mini-golf in Myrtle Beach, Broadway Grand Prix also packs arcade games, bumper cars, and go-karting into one all-inclusive venue. Take a spin on their seven go-karting tracks, ranging from beginner and kid-friendly tracks to extreme routes with sharp turns and banking potential!

Aside from building sandcastles and chasing the thrills of watersports, nothing else will jazz up your next beachside getaway like some friendly competition. The mini-golf in North Myrtle Beach and beyond provides whimsical arenas for the competition of a lifetime! Navigate the dangerous obstacles with care – but don’t be too disappointed when your young opponent beats you to the ace. After all, it feels pretty good to be the loser when it means a round of ice cream for you and the kids.

Looking for more ways to get competitive in Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach? Consider leveling up your driver game with a round of full-size golf or burning rubber at a racing track. There’s also no shortage of entertainment in North Myrtle Beach to make the perfect vacation!

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