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When is the best time to visit Myrtle Beach? This coastal gem has beautiful beaches and a lively community. It’s a paradise all year round, but each season brings its own charm and experiences. You can pick from the lively summer beaches to the peaceful winter shores. Choose the season that you like best, and plan your ideal Myrtle Beach vacation now.

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[June – August]

Summer in Myrtle Beach is the epitome of a classic beach holiday. It has relaxing beaches, lively commercial centers, and all-ages entertainment. It’s perfect for families, friends, and solo travelers. For example, you can build sandcastles, eat delicious seafood, and go to outdoor concerts and events all on the same day.

In these months, the city has warm and inviting weather with average temperatures in the high 80s. The sun is your companion, making it ideal for those looking to soak up some rays or dip in the ocean. The sea has comfortable water temperatures for swimming, around 70-80 degrees. People often enjoy splashing and water sports at this time. But remember, summer is when the Myrtle Beach hurricane season starts. While hurricanes aren’t a daily concern, it’s wise to keep up with weather forecasts. This will keep you safe and help make the most of your visit.

During the summer, there are more tourists and the atmosphere is busy with lots of people. While crowded attractions and long lines may be a drawback to some, it also makes the city full of energy and excitement, with thriving businesses and vacationers filling the streets. The vibrant energy is contagious, adding to the allure of a summer getaway here.

Prices are usually average, but they can go up when there is high demand. This is especially true for beachfront accommodations and popular attractions. To make sure you get the best spots at a good price, it’s best to book early. This way, you can secure a prime location for a time most convenient to you and look forward to enjoying all the summer activities Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Things to Do in Myrtle Beach in Summer

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[September – November]

As September begins, the busy summer crowds go away, and a calm and peaceful feeling remains. It’s a great time to go to the beach because the ocean is still warm enough for swimming and watersports. Not only this, but there are fewer people. That means you can have a more personal and intimate experience with the ocean, perfect for couples or anyone who wants a quieter vacation. Because there are fewer people, prices are lower. So, it’s a good time to visit if you’re on a budget.

During these months, the weather cools down and becomes comfortable, with temperatures in the 70s and 80s. Not too hot or too cold, the weather here is perfect for walks on the beach and outdoor activities. However, autumn is still part of the Myrtle Beach hurricane season. If you plan on visiting, make sure to check the weather forecasts to plan your activities safely.

Autumn in Myrtle Beach is like a secret, offering a tranquil escape. The coastal landscape of Myrtle Beach becomes beautiful with shades of gold and amber. The parks and nature trails in the area have splendid views of the fall foliage, allowing you to see Myrtle Beach’s natural beauty from a different perspective.

Things to Do in Myrtle Beach in the Fall


a lionfish floats near coral at Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach

[December – February]

Winter in Myrtle Beach is quieter and more reflective than the busy summer. The weather is cooler but still comfortable, usually in the 50s and 60s. It’s not as cold as northern winters, so it’s a good place to go if you want to avoid harsh weather.

Although the ocean waters are too cold for swimming, the beaches are peaceful at this time of year. Quiet walks along the shore as you listen to the soothing sound of waves are simply one of the best things to do in Myrtle Beach in the winter.

Myrtle Beach celebrates the holiday season with a variety of decorations and events. Once the holidays are over, the remainder of the off-season is calm, perfect for romantic getaways or quiet family vacations. In the season with the fewest tourists, you won’t have to deal with big crowds. You can enjoy the city’s attractions in a more relaxed and personal way. The off-season in Myrtle Beach is also great for finding deals on hotels and rentals. This makes it a good choice for travelers on a budget.

Things to Do in Myrtle Beach in the Winter

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[March – May]

In Myrtle Beach, spring brings new life and energy. The city becomes vibrant once more as winter fades away. But it’s still a peaceful time before the busy summer season. The weather gets warmer from March to May, with temperatures between the high 60s and low 80s, ideal for outdoor activities.

Water temperatures are rising during this season, making beach days more appealing. The ocean calls swimmers to take their first dips of the year, and activities like kayaking and paddleboarding are increasingly popular. The beaches are still less crowded than they are in the summer, providing a relatively more serene experience.

Many college students and families come to Myrtle Beach during spring break to enjoy the nice weather, making the city livelier and more exciting. Businesses and local attractions begin to cater events and activities for the crowds. Restaurants, shops, and attractions stay open for longer hours.

Spring is also a great time for people who love nature. The parks and gardens are full of beautiful flowers and green plants. The weather is nice for outdoor activities, like ATVing and ziplining, and exploring the natural beauty of the area.

Things to Do in Myrtle Beach for Spring Break

The best time to visit Myrtle Beach depends on what you want. Summer is the best time for nature experiences. Autumn is peaceful, while winter is quiet. Spring is a beautiful combination of the two. Every season is worth exploring, whether you want to explore Myrtle Beach in the winter or enjoy the sunny summer shores. Remember to be aware of the hurricane season when planning your trip. Whenever you decide to go, Myrtle Beach will give you a memorable experience.

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