Myrtle Beach photo opportunities

Myrtle Beach is a canvas of picturesque moments just waiting to be captured. The shimmering coastline sets a pristine backdrop, but the city’s attractions truly steal the show. The towering Myrtle Beach Ferris wheels are just the beginning. Wander a bit, and you’ll find tranquil piers extending into the horizon and bustling boardwalks with tons of activities. If you want to fill your Instagram feed with vibrant memories, Myrtle Beach offers all the necessary visuals.

Myrtle Beach ferris wheel

Myrtle Beach Ferris Wheels

The Myrtle Beach Ferris wheels tower gracefully against the coastal horizon. These rotating giants encapsulate the very essence of the city’s ambiance of joy and adventure. By day, they offer panoramic views of the blue waters; by night, their illuminated frames transform the skyline into a dazzling light show. Here’s where you’ll find the most iconic Myrtle Beach Ferris wheels for your photo ops:


The Pavilion effortlessly mixes Old-World charm with new-age vibes, making it one of Myrtle Beach’s most cherished attractions. Spread across two sections, the “Fun Park” and the “Action Park,” it promises an exhilarating experience for your whole family. The Action Park is for the adventurous, with attractions like the heart-pounding Beast. On the other hand, the nostalgia at the Fun Park is palpable. It features Mini Tea Cups and an old west-style Rio Grande train ride. The Broadway 360 Observation Wheel, meanwhile, provides your entire family with a bird’s eye view of Broadway at the Beach from its 150-foot vantage point.

Family Kingdom

Family Kingdom is an amusement park by the water that captivates families globally. With a roster of 38 exhilarating rides, it’s no wonder it stands out as a top vacation experience. Recent additions to the park include the Magic Bikes and the adrenaline-pumping Twist ‘n Shout steel roller coaster. Experience the vintage charm of the Swamp Fox wooden roller coaster, splash in the Log Flume, or race around the Go-Kart tracks. However, the best part is undoubtedly the Family Kingdom Ferris Wheel. It provides breathtaking panoramic views of the pristine coastline. Family Kingdom makes every visit feel like a beach holiday dream come true.

Myrtle Beach SkyWheel

The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel is far from your ordinary Ferris wheel. Since its grand opening on May 20, 2011, it has presented riders with unrivaled views of the Grand Strand from an astounding height of 200 feet above sea level. Step into one of its 42 climate-controlled gondolas, and you’re up and away regardless of the season. The SkyWheel guarantees a private flight experience; riders are never paired with strangers. After soaking up the views, indulge in a feast at the LandShark Bar & Grill. It is a stone’s throw away, and their LandShark Fly & Dine package combines the thrill of the Skywheel with a delicious dining experience.

Myrtle Beach scenic piers

Scenic Piers in Myrtle Beach

Venture beyond the bustling Ferris wheels of Myrtle Beach to its picturesque piers. These piers offer a tranquil escape and a chance to establish a deep connection with the sea while taking in the coastal charm of Myrtle Beach. Each dock has something unique to offer. Whether you’re partaking in a blue hour photo opportunity at the first light of dawn, reeling in the catch of the day, or witnessing the serene sunset, the scenic piers of Myrtle Beach provide profound moments for photography.

2nd Ave Pier

The 2nd Ave Pier is more than just a landmark in Myrtle Beach. It’s a testimony to the city’s past and its evolving present. The pier has grown in popularity over the years and benefits tremendously from the expanding Myrtle Beach Boardwalk & Promenade. Additionally, the pier offers more than just spectacular views for fishing enthusiasts. Fishing rental packages add to the draw of this beautiful location with abundant catches like flounder and trout.

Veterans Pier at Murrells Inlet Marshwalk

Tucked away in the waterfront of Murrells Inlet is the renowned Marsh Walk, a boardwalk teeming with bars and restaurants. An integral part of this area is the Veterans Pier. It stands as a tribute to those who served. The pier’s panoramic views beg you to take a picture. During the golden hour, the mirror-like reflections of the marsh turn into a photographer’s dream. The pier also attracts bird watchers and avid fishermen. It’s a treat to take a stroll here free of charge, but those keen on fishing should come equipped with a license and their gear.

family photo in Myrtle Beach

Instagrammable Activities

Discover captivating backdrops along Myrtle Beach’s scenic shores for that perfect Instagram shot. From vibrant museums of lifelike wax statues to panoramic helicopter rides, every corner of Myrtle Beach promises a blend of fun and visual adventure!

Hollywood Wax Museum

At the Hollywood Wax Museum, you can experience the splendor of Hollywood without leaving Myrtle Beach. This historic attraction began in 1965 in Hollywood, California. It brings you face-to-face with lifelike replicas of the world’s most beloved celebrities. Imagine dancing alongside today’s chart-topping pop singers, celebrating big wins with renowned NASCAR champions, or basking in the limelight with Hollywood’s elite. The museum’s intricate detailing and craftsmanship make every wax figure look incredibly real. So, grab your camera, pose, and immerse yourself in Hollywood in the heart of Myrtle Beach!

Myrtle Beach is a canvas, and you are the artist. With its iconic Ferris wheels, serene piers, and endless activities, there’s a photo opportunity around every corner. So, pack your camera and let Myrtle Beach be your muse!

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