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Seafood in Myrtle Beach a must for your shoreside vacation! Myrtle Beach is a South Carolina city bordering the Atlantic Ocean on one side and saltwater inlets on the other. Because of this it’s known for its “fruits of the ocean” and creative uses in flavorful Lowcountry and homestyle Southern recipes. As a result, the local culinary scene is abundant with restaurants.


Each restaurant showcases the region’s best seafood, from the fresh catch of the day to succulent crabs, raw oysters and more. Find out for yourself who has the best crab legs with this guide to the best seafood restaurants in Myrtle Beach!

Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood

Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood Restaurant in Myrtle Beach

Original Benjamin’s Calabash Seafood could arguably be the best seafood buffet in town! Not only do they source most of their seafood and produce from the surrounding farms and fisheries, but they also honor the local cuisine. From the nearby town of Calabash, NC, comes the “Calabash” method of using a light batter and deep-frying seafood. 


Among their 170 buffet items, you’ll find fried seafood, including flounder, shrimp, oysters, calamari, scallops and more. The menu incorporates Lowcountry, Southern and Cajun recipes to make crawdads, barbeque, fried chicken. There are also delicious offerings of Cajun crab legs and shrimp and grits. Once your belly is full from the all-you-can-eat feast, make sure to check out their Dry Sea Aquarium and Nautical Collection. You will find a display of navel antiques, large ship models, and impressive mounted sea creatures.

Seafood World

Seafood World in Myrtle Beach

Within walking distance of the beach, there is a buffet-style restaurant with some of the best crab legs around town. Seafood World is not only known for their Alaskan snow crab legs and Blue crabs, but also for serving the fresh catch of the day. Selections of fresh mahi-mahi, grilled salmon, lobster tail, calamari, shellfish and shrimp in at least ten different recipes. 


A superb option for groups consisting of both seafood amateurs and turf-lovers. This all-you-can-eat buffet presents a choice between their three different cuts of steak, homestyle smoked baby back ribs, grilled chicken or buffalo wings. With a menu of over 100 items, Seafood World is your family-style restaurant of choice where Calabash seafood meets red meat!

Crabby George's Seafood Buffet

Crabby George’s Seafood Buffet in Myrtle Beach

Taste a little bit of everything at Crabby George’s Seafood Buffet. Try their Alaskan crab legs and Maine lobster to fried or grilled fish and shrimp! Pair a half dozen or so of the best oysters you’ve ever slurped with a prime rib or sirloin steak. Look forward to homemade Southern side dishes like okra, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and corn on the cob. Plus, the friendly and hospitable staff at this pirate-themed restaurant serve you as though you’re the captain of the ship! 


Just a short walk from the beach, Crabby George’s Seafood Buffet is both a convenient and mouth-watering mealtime rest from your day’s adventures.

Sea Captain's House

Sea Captain’s House–Another Great Choice for Seafood in Myrtle Beach!

Sea Captain’s House was originally built in 1930 as the Taylor family’s beach cottage and later transformed into a guesthouse manor. They haven’t lost touch with their roots in Southern hospitality and design. Expect no less than the best from this top-rated seafood restaurant in Myrtle Beach. They source only the freshest flounder, scallops, shrimp, crabs and other Carolina catches from the local fish markets at Murrells Inlet. 


Enjoy a bowl of their award-winning She-Crab Soup or their Cajun jambalaya or shrimp and grits. Take in the magnificent views from their oceanfront property. Bring your appetite any time of the day. Sea Captain’s House will serve you a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner fit for a captain!

Chesapeake House

Chesapeake House

Five decades ago, two Murrells Inlet restaurant workers took a risk building a seafood restaurant on Highway 17 North. Little did they know their restaurant would be the first of 22 restaurants in “Restaurant Row.” Chesapeake House is known for its fresh seafood and prime USDA steaks. They also set themselves apart with their full bakery. Try their original recipes for hushpuppies, cinnamon rolls, and homemade bread with honey butter. 


Come early to snag a table with views of the glistening lake. Try unique dishes like Uncle Bill’s famous fish stew, fried gator bites, fried soft shell crab and lobster pie. With five unique menus to choose from, Chesapeake House is a family restaurant that welcomes children, seniors, happy hour socialites and dessert fanatics.

Seven Seas Seafood Market

Seven Seas Seafood Market

Dining out makes for pleasant quality time with your loved ones. It can be even more special when there’s home-cooking on the way! Next time you want to try your hand at some of those Lowcountry or Cajun recipes, stop by Seven Seas Seafood Market. Get your hands on today’s seafood catch from Murrells Inlet. 


The Atlantic Ocean is a natural breadbasket. Pick up grouper, triggerfish, flounder, snapper, or yellow-fin tuna. Combine any of those with other South Carolina coastal delicacies. Blue crabs, Little Neck clams, and oysters let the flavors of the ocean steal the show at dinner tonight.


It doesn’t get much fresher than Seven Seas Seafood Market’s boat-to-plate gourmet products at affordable prices!

seafood and steak entrees at Drunken Jack's

Drunken Jack’s

Once upon a time there was a pirate on Blackbeard’s crew. His name was Jack. He was accidentally marooned on an island in Murrells Inlet after a night of heavy drinking. When the ship was finally able to return for him the crew found pirate Jack’s bones resting in peace next to 32 empty casks of rum. Drunken Jack’s is dedicated to honoring this legend. It is also one of the most picturesque seafood restaurants in Murrells Inlet. 


Dig into your Alaskan king crab legs, fried triggerfish basket, ribeye steak and lobster platter, plus the best oysters at competitive prices. Meanwhile, gaze across the scenic waters toward Goat Island. A peaceful haven where wild goats and peacocks flock together. Drunken Jack’s combines specialty cocktails, premium seafood entrées, live music, and beautiful views to satisfy even the most self-indulgent of pirates!

Do happy tears come to your eyes when a beautiful strip of white meat slides pristinely out from the shell? Or does your stomach rumble at the mere mention of the words “crawfish boil”? Perhaps you are the kind of foodie who never orders fewer than at least a dozen raw oysters on the half shell. No matter your chosen delicacy, a seafood lover’s paradise found at any of Myrtle Beach‘s restaurants!

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