Myrtle Beach Amusement Parks & Thrill Rides

Did you know that fear can sometimes be a good thing? In fact, the right kind of stress stimulates your physical senses, making you feel more present, motivated, and excited about life’s challenges. If you call yourself a brave champion of adrenaline, you probably already know that! After all, roller coasters and thrill rides are great examples of this. When you conquer high speeds, unpredictable twists, and sudden drops, you cultivate the kind of fearless spirit that can overcome any oncoming enemy. Bring your best friends as allies in a battle of guts against these Myrtle Beach amusement parks!

Myrtle Beach Amusement Parks

Family Kingdom

Family Kingdom

Enter your first battle arena: a coastline of white sands, palm trees, and an open ocean rising up to meet a cloudless sky. Directly adjacent to Myrtle Beach’s scenic shoreline is Family Kingdom, a worthy opponent with over 35 amusement rides. Warm-up your nerves with a spin (pun intended) on the Hurricane, which rises and falls in a circle, or with a friendly game of Chicken on the bumper cars. You’ll also find classic rides like the Galleon, a life-sized ship that rocks higher and higher and back and forth, and the Tilt-A-Whirl, which sends cars spinning and flying in different directions.

Once you’ve vanquished the gentler Family Kingdom rides, you won’t get off that easily on rides like the 2,400-foot wooden Swamp Fox roller coaster or the 100-foot free-falling Sling Shot. Just before your stomach drops from massive heights on these dare-devilish rides, you’ll be able to catch stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean and Myrtle Beach city proper. Consider yourself warned: these rides at Family Kingdom are not for the faint of heart!

Wild Water & Wheels

Wild Water & Wheels

Next, head to Surfside Beach to explore the slides, pools, racing games, rides, mini-golf, and more at Wild Water & Wheels. You read that right – you can go from burning rubber at the go-kart Race Zone to shredding waves on the water park speed slides.

A perfect thing to do with kids on a hot summer day, Wild Water & Wheels features five high-intensity speed slides which champions must brave without a mat or tube. Even on the two mat slides and two tube slides, your trusty steed won’t do much to shield you from the all-out affront of splashing and chaos. Between the water rides and dry activities at Wild Water & Wheels, you’re in for countless hours of fun while honing your thrill tolerance!

Free Fall Thrill Park

Free Fall Thrill Park

By now, if you’re still not head-over-heels for the Myrtle Beach amusement parks, don’t worry. You’ll be falling in no time – literally! Free Fall Thrill Park is home to one of the most intense rides in the Grand Strand: the Slingshot. You’ll soar to great heights (300 feet, to be precise) only to drop suddenly from your skyward throne and plummet toward the earth at a heart-stopping 120 mph!

Rides like the Air Strike, Sun Dance, Shooting Star, and Sky Fall also send you spinning, careening, and streaking across the sky. Enjoy panoramic views of the beach while your head is in the clouds, and quickly brace yourself as you hit top speed! Free Fall Thrill Park is a small 5-ride amusement park that makes an excellent break from the beach without taking up an entire day of your itinerary.

Broadway at the Beach rides

Broadway at the Beach Rides

Has your fire run out yet? No? Normally, we would suggest taking a break from the fear-chasing and the adrenaline battles with lunch or shopping at Broadway at the Beach. However, your fighting spirit says otherwise. Lucky for you, you can grab a bite to eat, see the sights, and still have the opportunity to test your tenacity on the wide variety of Broadway at the Beach rides.

This outdoor entertainment complex is home to more thrills than you could take on in a single weekend. You’ll find go-kart racing, mini-golf, and a flight simulator at Broadway Grand Prix. At WonderWorks’ Soar & Explore, you can race your best friend on a dual zipline that flies 50 feet in the air over the water. 

Of course, you can’t miss out on the Beach Rider Jet Boat, the most classic of all the Broadway at the Beach rides! Hold on tight as this speedboat zooms at top speeds across the water, swinging in sudden turns and splashing up water on all sides. Last but not least, Broadway at the Beach also contains two entire Myrtle Beach amusement parks with unique rides.



It takes a true warrior to brave two amusement parks at the same time! Pavilion boasts itself as Myrtle Beach’s biggest theme park, including Fun Park and Action Park. At Fun Park, classic rides are interspersed with gentler roundabout rides, a Merry-Go-Round, and a race course – all best suited to younger children. Start with a scenic view of Myrtle Beach from the vantage of 150 feet on the Broadway 360 Wheel, and complete your tour of Fun Park with an adrenaline-pumping free-fall at the Drop Tower.

If Fun Park didn’t defeat you, take the difficulty level up several notches at Action Park. There you will find extreme rides such as the 125-foot high pendulum swing, a gondola that spins rapidly while rotating in all directions, and the Speed XXL, a spinning and rotating arm that clocks in at 50 mph! Pavilion is a fantastic place to spend an afternoon if your party consists of daredevils in addition to younger or more sensitive riders.

Myrtle Waves Water Park

Myrtle Waves Water Park

By now, you’re probably wondering just how many thrill rides there are at Broadway at the Beach! The excitement seems gloriously endless, especially as Myrtle Waves Water Park taunts your strongest adrenaline champion with specialty splash-filled challenges.

Don your toughest battle armor (your swimsuit) and get ready to shoot headfirst down four water slides and four more tube slides. Grab a surfboard and show the Flowrider that its Tsunami wave is no match for your agile skills. Even the little guys and gals training to become fierce thrill mercenaries can test their splashing chops at either of two water playgrounds. Once you’ve had enough, cool off for the rest of the afternoon in the Ocean in Motion Wave Pool, or chill out on an inner tube on the Lazy River.

No risk, no reward. It’s not the first time you’ve heard this phrase, but maybe it’s the first time you’ve taken the advice. Risks are inherently scary. Yet, only people with real guts have learned to enjoy the fear and rise up in victory! In a test of guts against the most intense and rip-roaring Myrtle Beach amusement parks, you and your friends will find out what battle-hardened warriors are made of!

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