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Myrtle Beach, famed for its beaches and promenades, offers more than just picturesque seascapes. Beyond the golden sands, you’ll find a destination overflowing with eccentric, exhilarating, and utterly memorable experiences. This jewel of the South Carolina coast invites you to defy the ordinary. That means challenging the laws of physics, taking flight in spectacular fashion, or plunging into underwater adventures. Prepare to embark on a journey through less-trodden paths. This collection of unique things to do in Myrtle Beach will transform your vacation into a fascinating tale of discovery!

Ripley's Illusion Lab

Play With Wacky Illusions at Ripley’s Illusion Lab

Venture into a realm where curiosity leads the way. Reality takes a back seat as the extraordinary takes center stage, inviting you to challenge the conventional and embrace the bizarre. At the heart of this whimsical journey lies Ripley’s Illusion Lab, a haven of bewildering wonders where the ordinary is overshadowed by the peculiar. As you delve deeper into the Illusion Lab, a hoard of optical and interactive fantasies awaits, each defying the laws of physics and teasing your perception of reality. Some rooms defy gravity, and interactive exhibits will boggle your mind, merging education with entertainment. So, tread the thin line between reality and illusion. Step into a world where every corner holds a new layer of intrigue. Ripley’s Illusion Lab promises an adventure that’s as enlightening as it is entertaining!

Edventure Myrtle Beach

Take Flight with Simulators at EdVenture Myrtle Beach

Elevate your Myrtle Beach adventure as you step into flight simulation, where the sky isn’t the limit but merely the beginning. Here, the excitement of aviation is within your grasp as you take the controls, feeling the adrenaline surge with every dip and turn. EdVenture Myrtle Beach leads the way and allows you to engage with a mission control panel, immerse yourself in a realistic flight simulator, and even interact with a rocket ship. The Space Flight exhibit at EdVenture is not just an attraction. It’s a launchpad for young minds to discover STEM principles and visualize careers in South Carolina’s vibrant aerospace sector. So, fasten your seat belts and prepare for a voyage that takes you beyond the skies to the limitless expanse of space!

Polynesian Fire Luau

Say Aloha in Myrtle Beach!

Dive into a Polynesian extravaganza in the heart of Myrtle Beach. As night falls, tribal rhythms, graceful hula dancers, and exhilarating fire poi shows ignite the evening sky. Polynesian Fire Luau’s atmosphere defies borders, surrounding you in a South Pacific atmosphere without ever leaving Myrtle Beach. The entire show is a sensory journey, sweeping you to tropical shores one drumbeat at a time. The heritage of the Polynesian islands comes alive with a savory feast to compliment the luau. This is your tropical fantasy, delivered with a Myrtle Beach flair, making your evening nothing short of magical!

StarMor Photography

Capture the Moment with a Family Beach Portrait

There’s an indescribable charm in freezing time amidst laughter, waves, and the tender warmth of family, especially with the beautiful Myrtle Beach skyline in the backdrop. A professional portrait tops the traditional souvenir—it embodies joy and the cherished memories created on the golden sands. This unique thing to do in Myrtle Beach is a heartwarming activity.

StarMor Photography, by Renee Frisbie, captures those precious, unscripted moments shared on vacation by the beach. Inspired by her own yearning for childhood images, Renee’s sessions extend beyond the typical pose-and-click. Instead, they are sixty-minute voyages where relaxed portraits merge with genuine, unguarded delight. The result? A tangible souvenir ready to grace your walls and albums, forever reminding you of moments that truly matter.

Coastal Scuba

Scuba Tours in Myrtle Beach

Underneath Myrtle Beach’s gentle waves is a marine odyssey waiting to be explored. The attraction of the deep is irresistible and promises an abundantly vibrant underwater world. As you descend, the beach fades into a serene silence, broken only by the rhythm of your breath and the ocean currents. Let Coastal Scuba be your guide to the mysteries beneath the surface. Explore sunken shipwrecks and traverse reefs that are a burst of color and life. Each dive leads you to Myrtle Beach’s most fascinating ecosystem while under the watchful guidance of Coastal Scuba experts.

Atalaya Castle

Explore A 1930s Castle

Discover the history of Huntington Beach State Park as you explore Atalaya Castle. Once the winter home of industrialist and philanthropist Archer M. Huntington and his wife, sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington, this captivating 1930s residence is a monument to art and creativity. With its intriguing architectural design and rich history, Atalaya Castle offers you a unique journey back in time. As you wander through spacious rooms, charming courtyards, and scenic surroundings, where every corner seems to echo untold stories. This historic site is not just a castle but a journey into the lives of its’ artistic inhabitants, making it an exceptional part of your Myrtle Beach visit.​

Myrtle Beach, celebrated for its glittering sands and glistening waves, invites you to discover its spectrum of unique experiences. Beyond the sunbathing and beach-combing lies a world full of peculiar wonders, adrenaline-pumping adventures, and cultural gems. This destination urges you to step off the conventional tourist path and immerse yourself in wacky illusions, sky-high views, underwater explorations, and historical architecture. Each activity promises a story to recount for years. So, as you plan your itinerary, remember that the true magic of Myrtle Beach is in its ability to transform an ordinary holiday into a catalog of extraordinary memories.

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