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StarMor Photography – family photos at the beach

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StarMor Photography

StarMor Photography – family photos at the beach


Renee Frisbie is the owner of StarMor Photography. She enjoyed browsing through picture boxes and family albums as a young child and still does. There weren’t many images of her with her parents, and grandparents, or the things they did together as she noticed when looking through all of those numerous pictures. Such as playing games, vacationing, watching television, gardening, sewing, cooking, and so forth.

She also noticed that too many moms or dads are not in the pictures because they are the ones taking the pictures.
Because of this, she decided that she wanted to become a photographer.

Her mission is to capture families doing activities together. Especially while on vacation at the beach.

Now her clients have printed memories, whether for the walls or albums. Let’s face it, no one gathers around the computer to look at pictures of the family. Physical photos are still popular.
Her mission is to turn everyday moments into lifetime memories!

Let her capture moments with the entire family for you.

1-hour, activity-based photo sessions

15-20 minutes of casual family portraits and the rest of the session is spent playing on the beach. Fly kites, build castles, blow bubbles, play ball; whatever your crew loves to do!

Just make sure you’re in the photos and not always behind the camera. Your family will thank you!

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