Grand Strand Horseback Riding, LLC.

Grand Strand Horseback Riding, LLC.

Grand Strand Horseback & Wagon Rides

Grand Strand Horseback Riding, LLC. Brochure Image

Grand Strand Horseback Riding, LLC.

Grand Strand Horseback & Wagon Rides


We adore horses here at Grand Strand Horseback Riding. Without at least petting a horse, a day isn’t complete in our eyes. We can’t wait to show you around and show you how wonderful it is to ride a horse.

Enjoy South Carolina’s stunning coastline and trails while riding a horse or taking a leisurely wagon ride. While spending time with gorgeous horses, it makes both kids and adults feel alive and energized. Horses genuinely uplift your spirit! Because of this come out and ride a horse for a day of fun and adventure.

All of our rides are conducted by knowledgeable guides, and our horses are chosen for their gentle temperament, trail smarts, and sure feet. Meanwhile your horseback ride through South Carolina’s historic farmland, or along the breathtaking Atlantic coast, will be the highlight of your trip.

As you and your horse go along the Myrtle Beach beachfront, feel the ocean wind blow over your hair and take in the sound of the waves crashing. Guests on this scenic excursion have the wonderful opportunity to ride their horses down the shore and take in some breathtaking views. Your ride is romantic, enjoyable, and ideal for a range of different types of vacation. It will be memorable to go horseback riding on the beach in the Myrtle Beach style.

Likewise on more than 100 acres of pathways, explore the lovely woodland landscapes. During this tour it offers views of the South Carolina woodland. On this exciting adventure, keep an eye out for wildlife and take enjoy a trip straight out of a storybook. This adventure may offer views of ponds, canals, fields of crops, and pastures.

Enjoy South Carolina’s amazing coastline or tranquil country trails from the back of a horse or team-drawn wagon. Create the BEST forever vacation memories with Grand Strand Horseback Riding!

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