Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert – Live Vocals. Live Band. Real Emotion.

2925 Hollywood Drive
Myrtle Beach , SC 29577 800-960-7469
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Legends in Concert

Legends in Concert – Live Vocals. Live Band. Real Emotion.


Legends in Concert takes you on a journey into the world of music legends right at the Avalon Theatre in Myrtle Beach. This iconic tribute show brings together some of the greatest tribute artists who channel the spirit and talent of renowned performers. Such as Bruno Mars to Celine Dion. Pat Benatar to Tina Turner. Additionally, there is even a young Michael Jackson with the Jackson 5. With all of these and more, Legends in Concert promises an unforgettable experience!

As you step into the Avalon Theatre, you’ll be transported back in time to witness these legendary performers come alive on stage. The tribute artists not only capture the look and mannerisms of the original artists. But they also deliver live vocals, adding an authentic touch to each performance. The attention to detail in the costumes is truly impressive. In this way, it ensures that the visual experience is just as captivating as the musical one.

Legends in Concert is not only a show. It is a legendary experience that will leave you in awe. The magic of these iconic artists will captivate you from the moment the first note is played to the last bow. Not only that, the energy and talent displayed on stage will make you feel like you’re watching the real deal.

In the words of Cathy Price, Vice President of Marketing at Niagara, “Legends in Concert is a truly legendary experience you won’t want to miss!” This show has been entertaining audiences for decades, earning numerous accolades in the entertainment industry. Whether you’re a fan of the original artists or simply love great music, Legends in Concert promises an unforgettable night of live entertainment.

Therefore, prepare to be blown away by the talent of these tribute artists and the electrifying atmosphere of the live show. Legends in Concert offers a glimpse into the world of music legends that will leave you wanting more. So don’t miss out on this incredible experience. Myrtle Beach’s Legends in Concert will blow you away!


2925 Hollywood Drive
Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

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