Seven Seas Seafood Market

Seven Seas Seafood Market

Seven Seas Seafood Market – Celebrating 30 Years of Amazing Seafood!

3476 Hwy. 17 Bus.
Murrells Inlet, SC , 29576 843-651-1666
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Seven Seas Seafood Market

Seven Seas Seafood Market – Celebrating 30 Years of Amazing Seafood!


3476 Hwy. 17 Bus.
Murrells Inlet, SC, 29576


At Seven Seas Fish Market, you will find the finest Murrells Inlet fish, the most flavorful shrimp, and the most beautiful lobster!

While on shore leave from the US Navy in the 1970s Phil Conklin fell in love with the Murrells Inlet area. He even thought it would be nice to retire there.

After his time in the military was complete, Phil worked on many of Miami’s best charter fishing boats. Spending his days on the sea and mingling with the rich and famous, but he never forgot about Murrells Inlet.

Later on, an opportunity presented itself. Here in Murrells Inlet, a seafood cooperative was established by Phil and a number of the captains of the Inlet’s commercial fishing boats. Delivering seafood that was just off the boat at costs that were affordable to all.

Originally the market was in a rented space in the back of a local warehouse. Now a full-service seafood retailer and wholesaler with over 30 years of experience. They are a local favorite and focus on serving fresh, sustainably harvested fish and shrimp.

Chris, Phil’s son, is now in charge and offers the public the same fresh fish of gourmet quality without charging the gourmet price.

Fresh off our boats – to you. Whether you have a taste for freshly caught fish such as Grouper, South Atlantic Snapper, Carolina Flounder, Golden Tilefish, and Triggerfish. Or locally harvested shrimp, scallops, blue crab, clams, and oysters.

Seven Seas is your seafood market. And you can take pride in knowing the seafood on your table is caught by true American Commercial Fishermen.

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