Fisher of Men Charters

Fisher of Men Charters

Fisher of Men Charters – We’re sure you’ll have a trip of a lifetime!

4495 Baker Street
Little River , SC 29566 843-249-8662
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Fisher of Men Charters

Fisher of Men Charters – We’re sure you’ll have a trip of a lifetime!


Fisher of Men Charters is a Private deep sea fishing charter company that has been operating in the Myrtle Beach region for more than 40 years.

We provide a wide range of trips to choose from so you can get the most out of your vacation. We offer bottom fishing and trolling as well.

For most of his life, Captain Randy Elliott has fished out of Myrtle Beach, Calabash, and Little River. Before moving on to own commercial and charter fishing boats, he worked on The New Rascal with his father as a young boy.

Are you looking for a deep-sea fishing adventure, or do you prefer a more laid-back style of fishing? Either way, Fisher of Men has you covered. Our trips can be customized to fit your needs and are great for families and all ages.

Fishers of Men Charters offers two types of fishing depending on your target species. Bottom Fishing is the most common or trolling.

Don’t worry if you are too worn out to clean your fish after your adventure. Any fish caught that you choose to keep will be cleaned/filleted and bagged at the end of the trip.

You can feel safe knowing that Captain Randy has a lifetime of experience and understanding while providing you with individualized customer service. That is why we are number one for sportfishing charter services for friends and family adventures.



4495 Baker Street
Little River, SC 29566

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