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While daily routines help to make your life more productive and organized, shaking up your everyday life can also give way to a host of benefits. Pursuing unique experiences can help stimulate your mind, allowing you to attain your highest potential for creativity, productivity and contentment. One of the most tried and true ways to get out of your comfort zone and experience a change of scene is to travel. Discover how the unique places to see in the Great Smoky Mountains town of Pigeon Forge can expose you to a wholly novel world full of theatrical, educational and thrilling fun.

unique cars at Hollywood Star Cars Museum - Pigeon Forge

Hollywood Star Cars Museum

Immerse yourself in Hollywood’s thrilling chase scenes and pimped-out rides! Hollywood Star Cars Museum exhibits the most famous whips to have ever zipped across the big screen for the past fifty years. Snag an Instagram-worthy souvenir photo with the DeLorean from Back to the Future, or feast your eyes on the engine of a 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse from The Fast and The Furious. Geek out over the authentic Batmobile from Batman Returns, or imagine the rush of hugging the curves in a beauty like “Eleanor,” the ’67 Shelby GT 500 from Gone in 60 Seconds. Not only can you see these legendary vehicles up close, but you’ll also learn some fascinating facts about their unconventional design for the purposes of the film. Hollywood Star Cars Museum is like a year-round car show for your favorite blockbusters’ extraordinary fantasy rides.

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater

At Buttonwillow Civil War Theater, you’ll discover the lesser-known historical facts and fascinating stories that you will never find in a high school textbook. Local historian, actor and writer-director Steve Gipson presents Granddaddy’s Watch, an original 2-hour theatrical production based on historically-accurate findings on the Civil War from the National Archives. In 1864, an East Tennessee farmer worried about her family engages in a comedic and witty drama with a hardcore Unionist wanting to preserve his grandfather’s world. Both are dedicated to saving their beloved Tennessee home, and yet their ethical and political viewpoints clash. Who will be revealed to uphold the true Southern perspective on the Civil War? The Buttonwillow Civil War Theater is one of the most unique venues to see our true history come alive.

Red Skelton Tribute Theater

Red Skelton Tribute Theater

As the only authorized Red Skelton impersonator, Brian Hoffman brilliantly brings the clowning legend back to life in the longest-running clean comedy show at the Westin Las Vegas Hotel Casino and Spa, Remembering Red – A Tribute to Red Skelton. Now based in Pigeon Forge, Hoffman continues to pay homage to the comedic master with performances of Red’s characteristic solo one-acts and narrated pantomimes. Hoffman embodies absurd, creative characters in true Red Skelton fashion and perfectly imitates his one-of-a-kind clown look and gait. The kids will crack up in delight at this all-ages show and come to appreciate Red Skelton’s unforgettable humor, and baby boomers will be taken back to the good ole days of the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s. The Red Skelton Tribute Theater stages afternoon and evening performances that leave you feeling giddy and silly even after Red’s signature sign-off, “Goodnight for now and may God bless!”

Hatfield & McCoy Family Dinner Feud

Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud

The Hatfields and the McCoys don’t exactly see eye-to-eye. These country cousins have never been able to settle their ridiculous family feud, even over the course of an outrageous battle of musical performances, dancing and mountain clogging, unbelievable stunts and hilarious chaos. The two families even compete in a mountainside swimming hole, an actual 24-foot deep pool in the set, to try to win over your good favor. Which family will you root for? The 2-hour dinner show is guaranteed to have you knee-slapping’ in laughter and happily satisfied with Southern-style cooking. The all-you-can-eat meal includes creamy soup, coleslaw, homemade bread, country fried chicken and pulled pork barbecue, mashed taters and buttered corn, plus a dessert and your choice of beverage. Come see what the fuss is about at Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud!

roller coaster at Dollywood


Dollywood is the premier Dolly Parton-inspired amusement park in the country, located in the beautiful mountain scenery of Pigeon Forge. While the overarching Dollywood brand encompasses a water park, resorts and cabins, dining and shopping, and special events and performances, the theme park alone could pack several days’ worth of family-friendly entertainment. Dollywood’s amusement park is replete with unique things to do such as electrifying rides, captivating attractions, seasonal festivals and delicious eats.

Across 150 acres, you’ll find over 50 exciting rides and attractions. Roller coasters like the Dragonflier, whose twisting and winding path mimics the erratic movements of a dragonfly, and the Barnstormer, which pendulums and swings up to 81 feet high at a speedy 45 miles per hour, will leave you laughing in exhilaration. Lighter rides like Piggy Parade and Lucky Ducky, which cart you in gentle circles led by wacky animal characters, are perfect for families with small children. Dollywood also espouses unique experiences like Eagle Mountain Sanctuary, exhibiting magnificent bald eagles unsuited to the wild and under the American Eagle Foundation’s care, and Dolly’s Tennessee Mountain Home, an accurate replica of Dolly Parton’s childhood home in Locust Ridge.

Exploring a foreign landscape to discover its hidden gems inherently grants you renewed energy and a broader perspective. Look to the Great Smoky Mountains for belly-laughter at Red Skelton’s Tribute Theater and Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud. The educational intrigue found at Hollywood Star Cars Museum and Buttonwillow Civil War Theater blasts you into the fantasy worlds of your favorite movies or the bygone era of 1800s American history. As if that’s not enough, the adrenaline-pumping thrills of the amusement park rides at Dollywood will remind you of how good it feels to be alive. Like a refresh button, the variety of unique things to do in Pigeon Forge comprise a reinvigorating vacation to shake up your daily life.

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