Medieval Times

Medieval Times

Medieval Times – Dinner & Tournament

2904 Fantasy Way
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Medieval Times

Medieval Times – Dinner & Tournament


2904 Fantasy Way
Myrtle Beach, SC 29579


The authentic account of a noble family is told in Medieval Times. Which is based on historical accounts from the Middle Ages that date back to the eleventh century.

The first Medieval Times were two dining and entertainment complexes in Majorca and Benidorm, Spain. In December 1983, Kissimmee, Florida’s first North American Castle opened for business. Since then, more than 72 million visitors have enjoyed the many castles.

At the Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, journey through the mists of time to a vanished era and a tale of dedication, bravery, and love.

Imagine the pomp and celebration you would have experienced if you had been the queen’s guest 10 centuries ago. At the most well-liked dining attraction in North America, you will indeed have that experience.

Come watch our exciting show featuring brave knights riding spirited horses as they perform the spectacular physical feats and exhilarating swordplay that have come to define this special entertainment event.

While watching the lively performance, indulge in a “hands-on” feast. This mesmerizing performance crosses the lines between a fairy tale and a spectacle, and it is set against a gorgeous backdrop of sweeping music and beautiful lighting.

Two-Hour Tournament – Four-Course Feast – Magnificent Horses – Authentic Sword Fights & Jousting – Fully Enclosed Climate-Controlled Arena

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